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Introduction: Welcome to 'Thailand-the Magic Kingdom.' This site does not have a great deal in terms of facts & figures about Thailand. Instead it gives some insights into what it is like to live in Thailand. There are lots of tips about visas, love and romance, Thai food and drink, as well as plenty of insights into the Thai way of life.


Coming Soon: A section on the Thai language will be added in the near future. If you would like to learn Thai there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is there's very little grammar - no irregular verbs, no tenses. The bad news is its a tone language and the writing system is like hyroglyphics.


  Features: Believe it or not you can live in Thailand for 20 years on a tourist visa. Don't believe it? Read the Visas section. Think you can adjust to the Thai way of life? Well, if you're in a hurry to get things done, Thailand is not the place for you. In Spain they're famous for saying - oh we can do it tommorrow. In Thailand, its more like next week, or maybe next year, or - oh what the heck, let's have a party instead. Try the Culture Shock section to see if Thailand fits in with your lifestyle. And what about the price of beer? Read Food and Drink. Looking for a wife? Read the Love and Romance feature.


Services: This site offers a number of handy services. If you would like to get 25mb of free Web storage space, just click on one of the XDrive logos around the site. This is a genuine offer and there's no catch. We also have some handy search facilities supplied by Ask Jeeves. This is a very intelligent search engine. Give it a try. Just click on the Jeeves box. Other handy features will be added in the future

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